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In-Game Advertising - Powered By AI

We believe that with the help of AI, in-game advertising can be an integral part of the gaming experience,
and not an unwelcomed interruption.

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AI Powered In-Game Advertising

Imagine you’re playing your favorite video game, and you come across a shiny new object. You pick it up, and it turns out to be a coupon for a free pizza! That’s the kind of experience Disrupted Logic is creating with its AI-powered in-game advertising platform – ctalyst®

For Players

Ads are less jarring and intrusive, so they don't interrupt the gameplay or ruin the immersion. They're authentic, interactive, and playable, making the experience fun and rewarding.

For Makers

AI makes ads more engaging and relevant, helping gamemakers monetize their games without alienating their players. This can lead to increased revenue and a more sustainable business model.

For Advertisers

AI-powered in-game advertising allows advertisers to reach a highly engaged audience of potential customers. Players who interact with ads are more likely to remember them, be influenced, and buy.

Any and all ads and images in this video are strictly for demonstrative and illustrative purposes only and are not indicative of a client relationship.

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Authentic and Genuine

Games feel naked and empty without ctalyst® AI-Powered ad placements.

  • Immersive, realistic experiences for players

  • New revenue opportunities for makers

  • Exposure and performance for advertisers

Five Different Types Of AI Powered In-Game Ads

ctalyst’s AI-powered in-game advertising platform offers seamless integration, immersive experiences, personalized targeting, enhanced monetization, and flexible ad placement.

Additional ctalyst® Features


Rewards and Bonus System

disrupted logic in-game advertising - real action slots

In-Game to Real World Rewards


Player Registration, Login, and Social System


Proprietary AI Analytics System

Want To Know More About
AI Powered In-Game Advertising?


In-game advertising can be incredibly beneficial for advertisers because it reaches a captive audience, increases brand awareness, has high click-through rates, allows for performance tracking, targeted reach, and can be cost-effective.

  • AI is used to analyze game data to identify the best places to place ads.
  • AI is used to generate creative ad content that is tailored to the game world.
  • AI is used to track player engagement with ads and measure their effectiveness.
  • AI is used to personalize ad campaigns to each player.

Disrupted Logic offers white-label opportunities to Agencies.

Game Developers

In-game advertising is a fantastic monetization strategy for game developers because it generates additional revenue, provides personalized ad placement, enhances user engagement, improves brand authenticity, and offers data-driven optimization.

  • Enhanced revenue generation.
  • AI-Powered personalized ad placement.
  • Improved user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Zero lag times.
  • Player registration and logins.
  • AI-Powered analytics
  • Never interferes with game mechanics, story, or player experience.

Disrupted Logic offers white-label “self-agency” opportunities to game developers.

Before After disrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-01---without-adsdisrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-01---with-ads
Before After disrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-02---without-adsdisrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-02---with-ads
Before After disrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-03---without-adsdisrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-03---with-ads
Before After disrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-04---without-adsdisrupted-logic-ctalyst-in-game-advertising--compare-04---with-ads
Before After disrupted logic - in game advertising - 05 - without adsdisrupted logic - in game advertising - 05 - with ads
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