We are the creators of the world’s most advanced mobile advertising technology: ctalyst®

Innovative Mobile Technologies

Disrupted Logic's develops proprietary mobile entertainment advertising technologies!

We're the future, right now!

Disrupted Logic Interactive specializes in the development of proprietary interactive mobile entertainment technologies for globally connected devices.

Simply put: we work hard to make your smart devices smarter and a whole heck of a lot more fun!

We're a team of passionate engineers, technologists, scientists, artists, film and game makers.  But more importantly, we're people just like you and we're creating extraordinary applications to help make our world a better place.

Developed with the best help and supporters in the world

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The mobile industry is highly competitive and good information is really hard to find. We surveyed over 15,000 App & Game developers and proudly present the details of typical budgets, production cycles, revenues, advertising integrations & revenues, downloads and much more.

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