We're Game Developers Too!

We're Game Developers Too,
and we get it ...

As game developers, we get it.  It's not about the "ads" or "just making money." It's about passion and drive. It's about making awesome games that our fans love to play.

Since our humble beginning in a borrowed broom closet (we're not kidding!), to our new offices in Vancouver's business district, Disrupted Logic has produced 17 video game titles for mobile and PC.

Our games and apps have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. We take great pride in carefully crafting our titles for player enjoyment, while at the same time using technology to maximize the opportunity to create immersive, engaging, and interactive experiences.

Disrupted's vast experience with Stereoscopic 3D, VR, and AR is extensive. Using the fundamental conceps of 3D animation and movie making, we've managed to take VR to a whole new level.

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