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The Psychology of Color for Game Developers Disrupted Logic ctalyst

The Psychology of Color for Game Development

Color is a sensation. It’s a sensation of light and light is energy. Energy can stimulate, excite, evoke emotions, create feelings of warmth, coolness, comfort or discomfort and can also influence physiological and psychological behaviors such as hunger or aggression. And developing an understanding of how color affects us is why we study the psychology […]

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The Game Developers Definitive Guide to Wordpress SEO

The Game Developer’s Definitive Guide to WordPress SEO

You’re an game developer and you’ve built a great mobile game. It’s on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. You’ve even got a website but … you just don’t have any visitors. The problem could be your SEO and that’s why we present The Game Developer’s Definitive Guide to WordPress SEO.Read More …

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7 MUST DO tricks to boost your in game revenue Disrupted Logic ctalyst

7 MUST DO Tricks to Boost Your In-Game Revenue

Do you struggle to make money from your games? Don’t feel bad, because most of us do. Even the big studios have a hard time turning players into payers. But making money from your apps and games is not as hard as you might think. Here are 7 insider secrets used by some of the […]

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