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EULA – End User License Agreement


  • Under this End User License Agreement (the “Agreement”), Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc. (the “Vendor”) grants to the user (the “Licensee”) a non-exclusive and non-transferable license (the “License”) to use the Software (the “Software”).
  • “Software” includes the executable computer programs and any related printed, electronic and online documentation and any other files that may accompany the product.
  • Title, copyright, intellectual property rights and distribution rights of the Software remain exclusively with the Vendor. Intellectual property rights include the look and feel of the Software. This Agreement constitutes a license for use only and is not in any way a transfer of ownership rights to the Software.
  • The Software may be loaded onto no more than one device.
  • The rights and obligations of this Agreement are personal rights granted to the Licensee only. The Licensee may not transfer or assign any of the rights or obligations granted under this Agreement to any other person or legal entity. The Licensee may not make available the Software for use by one or more third parties.
  • The Software may not be modified, reverse-engineered, or de-compiled in any manner through current or future available technologies.
  • Failure to comply with any of the terms under the License section will be considered a material breach of this Agreement.

License Fee

  • The Software is provided by the Vendor and accepted by the Licensee “as is”. Liability of the Vendor will be limited to a maximum of the original purchase price of the Software. The Vendor will not be liable for any general, special, incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to, loss of production, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data, or any other business or economic disadvantage suffered by the Licensee arising out of the use or failure to use the Software.
  • The Vendor makes no warranty expressed or implied regarding the fitness of the Software for a particular purpose or that the Software will be suitable or appropriate for the specific requirements of the Licensee.
  • The Vendor does not warrant that use of the Software will be uninterrupted or error-free. The Licensee accepts that software in general is prone to bugs and flaws within an acceptable level as determined in the industry.

Warrants and Representations

  • The Vendor warrants and represents that it is the copyright holder of the Software. The Vendor warrants and represents that granting the license to use this Software is not in violation of any other agreement, copyright or applicable statute.


  • All terms, conditions and obligations of this Agreement will be deemed to be accepted by the Licensee (“Acceptance”) on installation of the Software.

User Support

  • No user support or maintenance is provided as part of this Agreement.


  • The term of this Agreement will begin on Acceptance and is perpetual.


  • This Agreement will be terminated and the License forfeited where the Licensee has failed to comply with any of the terms of this Agreement or is in breach of this Agreement. On termination of this Agreement for any reason, the Licensee will promptly destroy the Software or return the Software to the Vendor.

Force Majeure

  • The Vendor will be free of liability to the Licensee where the Vendor is prevented from executing its obligations under this Agreement in whole or in part due to Force Majeure, such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, and war or any other unforeseen and uncontrollable event where the Vendor has taken any and all appropriate action to mitigate such an event.

Governing Law

  • The Parties to this Agreement submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of British Columbia, Canada for the enforcement of this Agreement or any arbitration award or decision arising from this Agreement. This Agreement will be enforced or construed according to the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.


  • This Agreement can only be modified in writing signed by both the Vendor and the Licensee.
  • This Agreement does not create or imply any relationship in agency or partnership between the Vendor and the Licensee.
  • Headings are inserted for the convenience of the parties only and are not to be considered when interpreting this Agreement. Words in the singular mean and include the plural and vice versa. Words in the masculine gender include the feminine gender and vice versa. Words in the neuter gender include the masculine gender and the feminine gender and vice versa.
  • If any term, covenant, condition or provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, it is the parties’ intent that such provision be reduced in scope by the court only to the extent deemed necessary by that court to render the provision reasonable and enforceable and the remainder of the provisions of this Agreement will in no way be affected, impaired or invalidated as a result.
  • This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties. All understandings have been included in this Agreement. Representations which may have been made by any party to this Agreement may in some way be inconsistent with this final written Agreement. All such statements are declared to be of no value in this Agreement. Only the written terms of this Agreement will bind the parties.
  • This Agreement and the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement apply to and are binding upon the Vendor’s successors and assigns.


  • All notices to the Vendor under this Agreement are to be provided at the following address:

Reid Christensen

Reid Christensen

Reid Christensen is an independent sales executive selling localized advertising within Vancouver's Lower Mainland.

He brings a passion for sales long with extensive of experience. Reid is committed to helping you create effective, powerful campaigns.

To contact Reid, please use the form.

J Denise Posadas

J. Denise Posadas

J. Denise Posadas is an independent sales executive selling localized advertising within Vancouver's Lower Mainland.

She brings a wealth of experience and enjoys helping clients and building positive experiences.

To contact Denise, please use the form.

USA, Global, and National Accounts

USA, Global and National Brands

For all Global, National, and USA brands and advertisers, please contact our licensed brand partner Mr. Bill Frash with BFC Marketing.

BFC Marketing Solutions, Inc. is a Los Angeles based marketing services company that specializes in creating new business solutions for new digital media platforms; global clients and global media services. Our BFC Marketing Solutions network encompasses North America, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Western Europe.

Our Story



Tom Raycove - Founder/CEO Disrupted Logic



It Started In a Broom Closet


You might think we're nuts, but we believe advertising can be better. Much better. We believe advertising can be a fun, rewarding, interactive, and engaging experience.

And that's why we invented ctalyst® Disrupted Logic's ctalyst is the NEXT GENERATION of advertising.

It officially began in 2012 in a borrowed broom closet at a friend's office. We made a game. And then we made another. Before you could say "Braaaaiins," we were a team of 4 and passionately working to create something great.



We specialize in entertainment and interactive technology development for globally (and locally) connected mobile and smart devices. Our target platforms include iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, PC, Mac, and console based devices. We focus on artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, big data and big data analysis, database modelling, system architectures, and backend/fronted application frameworks.


Our technology has been developed to fully supported Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality entertainment for mobile, PC, and console based devices. Our development background was founded in motion pictures with the production and post-production of 3D movies for theatrical release. Disrupted created and designed a pipeline automation post-production process for transforming 2D images into 3D stereoscopic through intelligently interpreted depth mapping on a shot-by-shot basis. This experience has since evolved to application and game development in the AR and VR space.


ctalyst® is the world's most advanced patented video game advertising network. Our team has invested 5 years in developing an network in which ads are a part of the enjoyable and playable game experience, just like any other object or character in the game. It's an opportunity to interact and engage with end-consumers in entirely new ways, leverage and fuel fan passion, and empower end-consumers like never before all without interrupting or interfering with the video game experience. ctalyst supports all Internet connect platforms including mobile, iOS, Android, PC, console, AR, and VR. Designed for developers, made by developers.


Tom Raycove

Tom Raycove MBA

CEO & Founder

Tom drives DL's strategic vision, leadership, marketing initiative, and technology development. Before Disrupted, he held President, VP, and senior roles in technology, video game, motion picture, television, commercial, and marketing companies. His passion for knowledge, innovation, and achievement is relentless.

jeff sheremeta corporate counsel disrupted logic ctalyst

Jeff Sheremeta B.Comm MBA

Corporate Counsel

Jeff leads investor relations and helps oversee operations. Previously, Jeff co-founded VersaPay and acted as their Chief Investment Officer and General Counsel. He has held board and executive roles for start-up companies in mining, green technology, and software development

bill frash executive project partner disrupted logic ctalyst

Bill Frash

Executive Project Partner 

Bill heads up Disrupted's global brand advertising sales. He served as SVP of New Business Development for Carat, and Senior Communications Executive with Carat Asia. Bill maintains a global dynamic network of C-Level/President/VP connections throughout marketing and media services.

david cho executive project partner disrupted logic ctalyst

David Cho

Executive Project Partner

David brings senior executive creative and strategic planning management and advertising experience including Omnicom Group, CCAI, Samsung Group, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Motors, Hyundai, and KIA. His clients have included Adidas, AT&T, Disney, General Motors, Honda, P&G, and Red Bull.

gurjeet matharu lead software engineer disrupted logic ctalyst

Gurjeet Matharu B.Sc

Lead Software Engineer

Gurjeet manages and oversees Disrupted's engineering, software, and technology development team. His passion and focus is on back-end architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data acquisition and analysis.

daman dhillon software engineer disrupted logic ctalyst

Daman Dhillon B.Sc

Software Engineer

Daman is the magic that makes it all happen. He specializes in programmatic visual imaging, machine learning, software development, and computer languages.  

dr issa traore consultant disrupted logic ctalyst

Issa Traore PhD

Technology Consultant, NSERC Partner

Dr. Issa Traore is the head of the University of Victoria's Computer Sciences and Engineering Department. He is a renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Cognitive Computing. Issa has a passion for aeronautics.

dr sherif saad consultant disrupted logic ctalyst

Sherif Saad PhD

Technology Consultant, NSERC Partner

Dr. Sherif is with the University of Victoria's Computer Sciences and Engineering Department. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IT and Software Security, and Software Development. Sherif shares our passion for developing cool, innovative technology.

rashid ahmed consultant business development disrupted logic ctalyst

Rashid Ahmed MBA

Consultant, Business Development

Rashid is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biomark Diagnostics, an Artificial Intelligence company specializing in early-stage cancer detection and management. Rashid brings perspective and experience to helping Disrupted grow and develop its international business scope.



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disrupted logic artificial intelligence


disrupted logic big data


disrupted logic video game developer


disrupted logic machine learning





Disrupted Logic and ctalyst logo


ctalyst® is a patented mobile advertising network technology that works with all major game development engines on any Internet enabled platform including iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 2D and 3D games.

The ctalyst advertising platform is Big Data connected and features an innovative proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning core technology developed with the assistance of the University of Victoria, the Canadian federal government, and the government of British Columbia.

ctalyst technology development
ctalyst mobile advertising network in video game



We LOVE everything about A.I. development.

By analyzing the big data player interactions and activities within ctalyst driven machine learning applications and environments, we improve our powerful artificial intelligence algorithms which allow us to better understand human behaviors.  This in turn allows developers to create responsive experiences where in-game characters and objects exhibit highly adaptive and intelligent behaviors. With ctalyst's A.I. advertising platform, games become more exciting, interesting, and fun to play.

Disrupted's artificial intelligence and machine learning engines are wrapped around cutting edge technology stacks utilizing the latest in graphing database technology. Our in-house controlled-data testing has shown results of 100% to multiple powers of accuracy, with wild-data testing proving results of 65% to 75% accuracy and improving.



Since our humble beginning in a borrowed broom closet to where we are now, Disrupted Logic has produced 17 titles for mobile and PC.

Our games and apps have been downloaded by hundreds-of-thousands of players from around the world. Disrupted titles are carefully crafted for the player's enjoyment, while at the same time maximizing the opportunity for immersive, engaging, and interactive experiences and opportunities.

Disrupted's experience with VR and AR technologies is extensive. Employing fundamental concepts of 3D animation and movie-making, we've managed to take VR to a whole new level of interactivity and engagement.

Game Units


Our kind supporters



Imagine a device that didn't need you to touch the screen at all, ever. Imagine playing your favorite games, interacting with essential apps, or sending a text message by simply looking at the screen.

Screen taps and clicks are replaced with left-eye, right-eye, or double-eye blinks, and quick glances up, down, or even side-to-side. ​

Or imagine a 2D to 3D motion picture conversion process that's fully automated. A process where Artificial Intelligence analyzes every frame, every scene and understands the context of every object well enough to determine its position within 3D space, and then makes the conversion.

And speaking of A.I., imagine an artificial intelligence that can express and react to such a complex emotion as humor. Imagine if it could tell a joke, laugh at yours, and express humor just as naturally as your best friend.

ctalyst® Advertising

Introducing The World's Most ADVANCED Advertising Network

Imagine if you could reach deep and connect directly with every single person in the world's largest, most responsive and loyal audience like never before.

disrupted logic artificial intelligence


disrupted logic big data


disrupted logic video game developer


disrupted logic machine learning



Almost Everyone On Earth Has A Mobile Device, 
So Why Are You Not Advertising On Mobile?

In-App and In-Game mobile advertising is BIG BUSINESS. It is the fastest growing advertising medium on Earth, outpacing Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, and even Online!

Over 6 Billion people have at least one mobile device. Everyone has installed at least 6 apps and 2 games. Of those 6 billion people, almost half play mobile games. That's a lot. But even more impressive ... play and interact with their games for an average of 90 minutes every day, 7 and half hours every week.

You are more likely to leave home without your wallet than you are without your phone.

Imagine if you could reach deep into every single device to be a big part of their experience for 90 minutes every day! How many more customers would walk through your door? How many more customers would order from your online sites? How many more customers would want your services or offerings?

But it's not just Global advertising medium. It can also be hyper-localized down to city blocks, to specific people. 

And that means you can follow your customers and potential customers from home to the street, the street to work, from work to shopping, from shopping back to the street, and ultimately back to home. No other network offers this phenomenal power and reach.

Over 202 Million Un-Tapped Mobile Screens in the United States and Canada

Interact and Engage with Audiences, Live, in Real-Time, Dynamically

Become A Part of Their Experience, Welcomed and Wanted.

Traditional Online Digital Advertising Doesn't Work On Mobile – There Has Got To Be A Better Way.

Traditional online digital advertising, the kind you see on web pages, Youtube, or your favorite news and weather sites, just doesn't work the same on mobile.

It's like expecting a television ad to work the same way in a magazine. What a head-scratcher that is! 

With mediums like television, print (including newspapers), radio, and online, audiences have come to expect advertising as part and parcel. Audiences know the medium is not personal and the ads are random. They have learned to tune it out (ad blindness) and ignore it. And with digital mediums, they simply block it and it isn't even seen.

Did you know there are over 100 ad blocker apps on the mobile stores?

The Mobile experience is different than the Online experience. It's highly personal and focused. Audiences open and interact games and apps with the single purpose of enjoying the entertainment experience that game or app provides.

Ads interfere.  Ads interrupt.  Ads annoy.  Ads are blocked. 

And your brand suffers in more ways than one. First impressions are EVERYTHING in the Mobile World. Not only are your advertising dollars being flushed down the metaphorical digital toilet, your money is also paying for negative brand impression. You're paying hard-earned dollars to teach your audience to not like you, and that doesn't make sense!

Pop Up and Full Screen Ads

Pop-Up and Full Screen Ads

Pop-up and full screen ads pause the game underneath. They're unexpected, interruptive, and annoying.

They're sometimes deceptive, hiding the "close button" or otherwise tricking players into clicking. And this means YOU pay for false CTR that results in no ROI.

Pop-up and full screen ads mean a poor quality brand experience.

Real Estate and Banner Ads

Real estate and banner ads steal highly prized screen real-estate. Just like pop-up and full screen ads, they can be unexpected, and definitely interruptive, and annoying.

They're sometimes deceptive, hiding the "close button," displaying false messages or otherwise tricking players into clicking. 

Real estate and banner ads mean a poor quality brand experience.

Real Estate and Banner Ads
Video Ads

Video Ads

Video ads pause and stop the game play DEAD COLD. They interrupt and annoy players. And rarely offer rewards of any value.

You can't stop them.  They interrupt. They annoy. And they upset gamers. They offer little to no brand saftey.

Video ads mean a poor quality brand experience.

Steve Jobs Said "Web Style Digital Advertising Doesn't Work On Mobile"

  • They interrupt the mobile experience
  • They lack brand safety
  • They are poorly targeted
  • They are rarely relevant
  • They offer virtually no measurable Return on Investment (ROI)
  • It's a poor end-consumer experience
Steve Jobs introducing iPhone 4 2010

Steve Jobs - iPhone 4 Introduction 2010

There Has To Be A Better Way - And There Is…

Imagine an ad network that delivered to 100% audience focus for at least 90 minutes every day on the world's most powerful new medium, and did it in a way that was fun, interactive, engaging and enjoyed by the audience. Image your ads were enjoyed so much that if they weren't there, the audience would miss them!

Imagine an ad network that offered all the benefits of "programmatic" without the hassle of "real-time bidding." Imagine a network where ads are live, real-time, and can be dynamically changed instantly with the click of a mouse.

Think about the exponential increased power of your advertising dollar when your one campaign broadcasts onto millions of screens, across every platform, on hundreds of different games.

And let's not forget the phenomenal power of reaching out to over 202 million people in the United States and Canada alone (2.8 Billion globally). While we're at it, let's not forget about the growing sensation called eSports with over 380 million viewers.

Imagine No More - The Better Way Is Here.

We've invented the world's most advanced artificial intelligence powered advertising network. It's interactive, engaging, fun and exciting. Game playing audiences love your ads and not only react positively, but they buy!

It never interrupts. It never annoys. It never interferes.

Introducing Disrupted Logic's - ctalyst®

Brand Safety

ctalyst is sensitive about how and where your brand is place and the appropriateness of the brand placement. We monitor for fraud prevention and protection.


Programmatic means automation and not difficult hands-on-work. Our services are convenient, easy, and allow one to reach many. We even offer premium services.

Quality Experiences

There is no messy inventory. Ads and displays are hand-verified. At ctalyst, we focus on quality and not quantity.

Analytics and Stats

Quality data means quality feedback. With over 200 data tracking points, you'll know more about your customer's behaviors, preferences, and interests.

Here's How It Works:

We've designed ctalyst® to be easy, fast and convenient to use.

step one
BigG Cola Ad

Upload your ads & coupons

step two
targeting options 2

Set your targeting options (geographic, demographic, preferences, interests)

step three
choose either views or actions ads

Choose either Views (great for branding) or Actions (great for engagements)

step four
activate your campaign

Activate your campaign

It's really that easy!

Your Ads Are A Playable, Interactive, and Engaging Part Of The Game Experience

Just Like Any Other Character Or Object In The Game!

5 Unique Ad Types

  • Dynamic Ads
  • Static Ads
  • Interactive Ads
  • Product Placements
  • Video Ads
disrupted logic ctalyst

Dynamic Ads

Disrupted Logic ctalyst Dynamic Ad

Dynamic ads are a great opportunity to put your brand or advertising message in front of massive numbers of video gamers.

Your ad rotates and is shared with other brands and advertisers every 5-10 seconds.

This is a great way to connect with audiences and build positive, loyal, buying experiences.

Static Ads

Static ads are similar to Dynamic ads, expect your brand owns the display for the duration of the game session.

Yet another great opportunity to put your brand or advertising message in front of massive numbers of video gamers.

This is a great way to connect with audiences and build positive, loyal, buying experiences.

Disrupted Logic ctalyst Static Ads

Interactive Ads

Disrupted Logic ctalyst Interactive Ad

An Interactive ad is an ad that a game player can touch, feel, engage, or take some creative actions with.

Interactive ads are the most effect display ads for commanding player attention and encouraging them to respond directly with your brand.

Every Interactive ad includes coupons which you can use to offer game players real-world items and value propositions.

How cool is that?

Product Placements

Your products can be placed into games, dynamically and live, in real-time as actual 3D interactive objects.

Game players can interact with your brand. They can use it, play it, tap it, touch it, or do anything a developer designs.

Every interaction offers something of immediate value within the game play and coupons that you offer for real-world items and value propositions.

Disrupted Logic ctalyst Product Placements

Video Ads

Disrupted Logic ctalyst Video Ads

Disrupted Logic's video ads actually play IN the game and not on it.

Our ctalyst ad network is the only network on Earth that does this. Gamers demand your ad, are rewarded for watching it, and receive coupons for real-world items of value.

Imagine your video IN the game. It's absolutely phenomenal.


Every campaign includes the delivery of coupons.

Coupons are a valuable way for advertisers to interact and engage with game players in entirely new ways. 

Coupons can be liked, deleted, saved, and clicked. Once clicked, the player is taken to your website where you can offer valuable discounts in exchange for user sign-ups.

Disrupted Logic ctalyst Coupons

And There Is So Much More

Positive Brand Experiences

ctalyst's five basic ad units (Dynamic, Static, Interactive, Product Placement, and Video) build natural, engaging, positive brand experiences.

Always Present

ctalyst ensures your ads will captivate and engage your target audiences. Our ads cannot be blocked because they are a part of the games themselves.

Guaranteed & Safe

ctalyst ads will deliver. Your campaign fulfills to the very end. Blockchain anti-fraud systems assure virtually no fraud, the system gets smarter as it learns.

Advanced Analytics

Over 200 analytical and POI focused data points that are tracked live and in real-time. All accessible from your private dashboard. You own your data.


For a limited time, receive exclusive VIP rate deep discounts with a "Grandfathered" guarantee for 6 months.

Premium Support

Early VIP adopters will receive dedicated premium technical and administrative support, along with one on on personalized training.

Let's Get The Conversation Started

Schedule your personal mind-blowing demo of the next generation of artificial intelligence powered mobile advertising with no obligations.

Privacy Notice: The information you provide on this form will only be used to contact you and provide the demo. It will not be stored in a database, added to a list, sold, traded, or otherwise shared or made available to any third parties.

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Disrupted Logic Gamification Book

If you have any questions about the book or would like to share your thoughts or suggestions about it, you can always get in touch with us here: link to contact page.

Did You Know…

We have also created the world's most advanced artificial intelligence powered advertising network. If you're an advertiser it's a great way to reach the world's fastest growing and most responsive audience in history. If you're a game developer it's a fantastic, simple, and risk free way to increase your game revenues. Check it out or get in touch with us for a demo.

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