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Generating New Business with Games and Apps

Do gamers really spend that much time with their games?
The answer is a resounding YES!

This is the one question we’re asked most by business owners, marketers and advertisers who are struggling to figure out the secret to generating new business with apps and games.

Zombie walking out of mobile gameWhat’s really interesting is that the average gamer plays for 1.5 hours every day or 7.5 hours every week. As early as 2011, that amounted to some 130 MILLION hours of game play EVERY DAY and that number has been growing since!

And if you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking “but how can I make that work for me?”


Let me share a fantastic example…

Recently, Ace Hardware wanted to attract a younger demographic so they could compete with their Big Box competitors. Can you imagine the ferocity of going head-to-head against competitors like Loews or Home Depot? If that’s not the definition of insanity, I don’t know what is.

Independent Ace dealers across America looked to generating new business with apps and games by embracing mobile as a new marketing medium to reach out to their customers and leads with an exciting and engaging interactive promotion: a game that offered subscribers access to unique and new mobile loyalty programs, coupons, and high-value bonus offerings. The game was designed to build lasting brand value, drive new brick-and-mortar traffic, and increase the amount of typical consumer spend.

And the return to Ace?

A phenomenal 300% increase in Post-Promotion engagement, average click-through rates of 26.5% which, if you’ve ever run an online or email campaign will recognize is not just significantly higher, but rather SIXTY-FIVE TIMES higher than Google Adwords’ typical 0.4% click-through rate. Ace also experienced an increase in customer engagement of 37% and a redemption rate of 15%.

The opt-out and unsubscribe rates fell to less than 1%.

But get this, the average in-store cart size during the promotion increased by 100%. That means customers spent twice as much as they ever did before! More importantly than just filling the cash registers, the long-term benefit was positive brand impression, lasting brand affinity, and shared rich and rewarding mobile engagements in a fun and entertaining way with shoppers.

As an advertising platform, mobile is the new evolution.

The great thing about mobile, is that everyone has one. People never leave home without their mobile phones, they even keep their phones by their side when they go to the bathroom. Mobile has become our entire digital lives. Mobile is so popular that over 87% of mobile users, interact with their devices even while watching television! How effective is that TV ad campaign now?

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