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Tap Into The Growing Mobile Market

Tap Into The Growing Mobile Market

The Mobile market is one of the fastest growing industry segments on Earth with no sign of slowing down any time soon. With over 4 Billion mobile devices and 2.8 BILLION people around the world interactively engaging with their devices, the future is clear!

The average person uses their mobile device for at least 130 minutes every day. That’s over two hours a day. Mobile applications account for over 20% of media consumption in America alone! Almost everyone brings their phone into the bathroom with them, and over 48% of people interact with applications or games while watching television.

mobile is a growing new marketPeople around the world just like you are more likely to forget their wallet at home than their phone.

And here’s the thing…the average mobile user is affluent, engaged, focused and responsive.

Can you imagine the phenomenal power of being right in the pocket of every single mobile device owner on the planet, all while knowing by the end of this year there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people? What would you do with that power right at your finger tips?

Mobile saturation in the United States of America is 101%. That means every single person in the United States owns at least one mobile device.

The mobile market a $76 Billion dollar industry and is 4 times larger than the entire world-wide motion picture industry.

Traditional advertising isn’t dying, it’s DEAD!
Sergio Zyman – Chief Marketing Officer Coca Cola

Is it any wonder traditional advertising is dying?

Here’s how we tapped into the incredible power of the growing mobile market:

toxin movie poster coverWith the power of Disrupted Logic’s ctalyst® spearheading the charge, the movie “Toxin – 3D” received over 1 Million website visitors in less than 60 days. The Twitter fan base grew to over 52,000 loyal fans, Facebook went to over 4,900 followers, and the movie trailer on Youtube … received over 640,000 views and growing!

And get this…the video game has now been downloaded over 400,000 times.

But the real benefit of putting ctalyst™ to work was realized with a Canadian and U.S. distribution deal that resulted in 200,000 units of the DVD sold through Walmart, Best Buy, Target and other big-box outlets. Extraordinary for an independent, low-budget Canadian movie.

Our game statistics show that ctalyst’s click-through rates are 555 times higher than Google Adwords and 4325 times higher than Facebook.

With predictive behavioral analysis, geo and micrographic location targeting, and an ability to deliver ads to mobile users that are relevant, personalized and WANTED, you can reach new audiences who are loyal, focused, engaged and responsive and will put their money in your pocket. That’s how you can tap into the world’s fastest growing market.

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