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ctalyst® AI Successfully Predicts 20 Years of Oscars: 2017 Is A Humdinger

Disrupted Logic’s ctalyst® artificial intelligence engine has predicted La La Land will win the 2017 Academy Award Oscar for Best Picture by a landslide!

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada – Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Disrupted Logic Interactive, developer of proprietary big data and artificial intelligence technologies for mobile entertainment, today announced that they applied the predictive analysis capabilities of the AI engine of their ctalyst® network to predict the winner of this year’s upcoming Academy Awards Best Picture.

“This has been a fun way for our developers to show just how powerful the artificial intelligence capabilities are behind our technology platform,” said Tom Raycove, CEO and Founder of Disrupted Logic. “ctalyst’s AI not only uses traditional logical processing algorithms but also our own proprietary probability and relationship algorithms.”

The Disrupted Logic team fed tens of thousands of data points from seventeen years of Academy Award data into their ctalyst engine. The software then used its analytical algorithms to predict the Best Picture winner in the upcoming awards ceremony.

ctalyst® predicts that 66% of the 6,000 plus Academy voting members will choose La La Land to win the Oscar® for Best Picture of 2017. Disrupted Logic engineers estimate the accuracy of this prediction by ctalyst® to be over 100%. “We are looking forward seeing the results on Awards night,” said Raycove.

Artificial Intelligence is the backbone behind the ctalyst® network. ctalyst® is the world’s first digital ad network designed to serve interactive and engaging ads to mobile devices in movies, television shows, apps, and video games. Ads are immediately in-game rewarding and simultaneously offer real-world prizes at stores and online shopping sites around the world.

The catalyst software features proprietary artificial intelligence based on both probability processing and analysis as well as traditional “if/then” logical processing. Disrupted Logic prefers probability and relationship algorithms because they are more akin to human learning and look at a variety of factors beyond the simple if-then-else process. ctalyst’s AI is a machine learning system with a neural network at its core, much like the human brain.

Disrupted Logic Interactive specializes in big data and artificial intelligence technology development for globally connected mobile and smart devices.


Press Contact:
Tom Raycove
Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc.


coffee spilled onto reportWell that was quite the ceremony wasn’t it?

Warren Beatty announced La La Land as the winner and we raised a glass in good cheer.  And then the bomb was dropped when they announced a mistake had been made.  Berry Jenkin’s Moonlight was the actual winner. It’s a deserving, topical, and excellent film.

We gave our data a careful review and La La Land was the clear pick of over 60% of the voting academy members. We did not make a mistake and the data was not in error. But our Artificial Intelligence wasn’t designed to consider the cultural and social climate. Adjustments have been made.