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Canada takes futuristic advertising to whole new level with Richard Branson's nod of approval

Canada Takes Futuristic Advertising To A Whole New Level With Richard Branson’s Nod Of Approval

Vancouver – PR Newswire – Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vancouver, Canada based tech start-up, Disrupted Logic Interactive, just floored the competition in the first round of this years’ Extreme Tech Challenge and with good reason. The small firm is making more than big waves in advertising technology, they’re crushing it like a tsunami.

Disrupted Logic’s ctalyst® is the future of advertising: today.

Richard Branson fronts Extreme Tech Challenge which is the world’s most advanced startup technology competition. Participants compete for the opportunity to present directly to the founder of the Virgin Group, as well as Young Sohn (Samsung); and Lars Rasmussen (Google Maps) on Necker Island, February 2015.

Richard Branson invites Disrupted Logic to Necker Island“We are excited to be considered one of the world’s new top technology companies, having beaten out thousands of incredible and qualified competitors from around the world,” says Tom Raycove, Founder and CEO Disrupted Logic Interactive.

The company’s futuristic advertising software, called ctalyst®, is the world’s first non-disruptive digital advertising network to deliver advertisements invisibly to mobile devices without interrupting the entertainment experience. This means the network serves ads to viewers seamlessly inside the content the viewer consumes and does it 100% completely without interruptions while keeping the messages highly personalized. Movies, TV shows, videos, video games and websites can now contain relevant ads using ctalyst’s predictive behavioral analysis to ensure viewers receive ads that actually mean something to them and that advertisers reach the very consumers that will make a difference to their bottom line.

Disrupted Logic’s ctalyst® represents the next generation of advertising. No longer do advertisers have to spend ad revenue in an ineffective manner and no longer will consumers be subjected to annoying ad content that isn’t relevant. It’s a technological win for both parties.


On February 2015, Disrupted Logic’s ctalyst® team was again invited to meet Sir Richard Branson on his private island in the BVI, Necker Island.


Disrupted Logic has been invited yet again to meet Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island this October 19, 2018.