Toxin Zombie Annihilation

Toxin: Zombie Annihilation

These are not the dead, they are the living!

Fans of the popular Dead Trigger and iGun Zombie are going to love TOXIN Zombie Annihilation.
Based on the new movie TOXIN-3D, this first-person-shooter will keep you entertained for hours!

Use your M16, Beretta or unlimited Grenades to make your way through this multi-room maze. Good luck though, because winning this game isn’t as easy as it seems.

You are Lt. John Paxton and you want revenge against the very government you and your men swore your lives to defend. The very government that abandoned and betrayed you, leaving you to die after a biological experiment went horribly wrong.

Over 80,000 downloads on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.



five-stars Superb – Elijah Gordontoxin-zombie-apocalypse
five-starsBest ever – Mddrick K
five-starsWow Excellent – Lavette Saine
five-starsLOVE Love it – Luis Aponte
five-starsSo Awesome – Yasmine Grant
five-starsToxicilicious! – Richie Schmidt
five-starsFun Excellent – Anonymous
five-starsI would rate 100 stars! – T Clark
five-starsIt’s scary! I love it! – R Johnson
five-starsGood but scary – Big Killa

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