ctalyst® AI Successfully Predicts 16 Years of Oscars: 2017 Is A Humdinger

July 11 2016 | Vancouver Canada

Vancouver’s Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc. has just unleashed the first generation of its Artificial Intelligence engine on 16 years of Oscar “Best Picture” nominations. The AI is a core component of Disrupted’s advertising technology branded as ctalyst® (pronounced catalyst) and it has already predicted the last 16 years of Oscar winners with over 94% accuracy.

Tom Raycove, founder and CEO of Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc., estimates that within the next two years, the algorithms and big-data analysis used in AI will be so in-depth and accurate that not only can the Oscar winners be predicted with great accuracy, but the AI could even reveal the identity of the Academy’s secret judges.

“Predicting Oscar winners has been a fun and exciting side project.” Explains Tom Raycove, “It’s helping push our ctalyst® advertising AI technology to whole new levels never before possible. And as a tool for filmmakers, it’s clearly demonstrating key formulas for success in a highly competitive market.”

ctalyst® uses its proprietary and innovative AI technology to empower filmmakers and game developers to make money from advertising in new ways through interactive experiences that are fun and interesting. ctalyst® ads are a native and genuine part the entertainment itself.

For the longest time, advertising has dominated and controlled the entertainment experience by interrupting and annoying audiences, or loudly pitching products and services the audience doesn’t want. Disrupted’s ctalyst® technology changes all that by giving the audience control over their advertising experience. It’s about making advertising fun and enjoyable, engaging and interactive, relevant and meaningful.

Game developers and filmmakers have expressed great enthusiasm and interest in the project. And in the words of an anonymous eight-year-old gamer “I hate advertising, but I love playing games that use ctalyst ads!”

As for the Oscars, Disrupted Logic doesn’t yet know who the nominees for 2017 will be, but the company has a great idea of which type and genre of movie is going to win … and it’s a real humdinger!

Disrupted Logic Interactive Inc. is based in Vancouver Canada and represents the next generation of advertising technology. Read more at www.disruptedlogic.com


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Tom Raycove is an entertainment technology entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in the film, television and gaming industries, enjoys teaching, writing and mentoring new talent. He spends his spare time diving with tiger sharks.
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